Proposal on Problem Statement and Management Plan

Proposal on Problem Statement and Management Plan

Characteristics of the Organization

The organization is a mixed day public secondary school located in the village. It has around 500 students in total number with more male students than the female ones. The institution has been performing well, and the efforts towards maintaining the position are in place. It is not a very big school considering the total number of students it can accommodate. The library in the school is not enough to accommodate all the students and so most read in their preferred areas within the school (Carlson, 2017).  The school is organized such as the classes from form 1 to form 4 are in order, and one can easily reach a classroom he or she is directed to. The environment cleanliness is maintained to an optimum and thus conducive environment for learning. Toilets and latrines are kept far away from the classrooms so that the foul smells from there do not interfere with class work. Numerous vocational activities and co-curricular involvements are available, and the students participate in the events. Such activities include sports like football, volleyball playing, and basketball. Another activity is the athletics occurring annually in the school for a given period. Exercises can also be of importance during daily field activities. There is the order of chain of command and starts from the principal, deputy principal, senior teachers to other teachers and finally students and social workers (Daresh, and Alexander, 2015).

Possible Funding Sources

Some of the sources where the school can obtain funds to start projects that are still not completed in the school are; development funds from the office of leadership in a given area such as constituency level. Kenya at constituency level there are funds usually allocated for the school development and the school management must ensure the money is used appropriately and goal met. Raising money through organized fundraising such are a Harambe for the school to achieve the objectives (Carlson, 2017). The community members and stakeholders in the school come together, and people produce what they have for the same. Government involvement in school management, the school proposes to the government that they need to be assisted in getting funds to help improve the school facility. Sponsorships can also be of use when it comes to funding. The sponsor company of individuals will raise the required amount to assist in the development of the institution.

Problem Statement

The facility recently is experiencing water shortages, and this makes the students look for water to use from distant places. The economy is high, and it is becoming more costly to manage schools with the little funds given to the school. The government is passing a bill that in public schools students’ fee to be reduced and this may cause shortages of funds in the school accounts. The classrooms in the school are too small, and the students are many and more willing to join but are disallowed to avoid overcrowding the school (Carlson, 2017). The government of countries like Kenya demand for the admission of all pupils from primary schools to high school and this can lead to crowding of schools; hence there is a need to expand the institution. The performance of the school is average, and there is a need to improve, this creates a need for a better library that can sustain all students. The school has been noted to have a playground/field that is limited and so it should be made bigger to accommodate sports that involve competitions from many schools. This encourages co-curricular activities participation, and those with talents easily can identify theirs. Research shows that outside class activities are important in reducing classroom boredom and the performance of students’ increases as they resume lessons when they are fresh (Daresh, and Alexander, 2015).

The need to meet objectives of the high school life that are preparing the students in making a better contribution to the development of the society and get attitudes of national patriotism, cooperation, self-reliance and respect for self. There is a need to have bigger and better laboratories so that at least in a week the students visit the laboratory and learn practically. The need for jobs and a good life in the future of the current generation is observed and quality training offered. There has been statistical data analysis in most areas, and the government does not employ an adequate number of staff to the school (Chandler, 2017). This may lead to overworking of the teachers in the institution, and it is not fare. The government of nowadays is fond of promising to improve the teachers’ payment, and this fails from time to time. Strikes are therefore common which disrupt learning of the students and interfere with the curriculum (Daresh, and Alexander, 2015).

Management Plan

The school should find ways of obtaining enough funds to improve the facility such as the expansion of the school for more accommodation and reduce overcrowding classrooms. Means to secure the funds can be like organizing fundraising ceremonies by the school to get money. Proper management of the available resources is to be ensured by the board. The school board ought to appeal so that more staffs members are employed in the facility (Chandler,  2017). Expanding the school field or purchasing a bigger one could be of importance such that participation in sports in enhanced. Athletic and sporting activities bring people together and create happiness to the teachers, board and the students. Ensuring records are maintained and the teachers attend to their lessons and justice provided. The students should reduce absenteeism to the classes, and their teachers monitor this. The school should ensure the necessary learning materials are available such as enough books in the school. The school library in our case was too small to accommodate all the students at once, and a bigger improved library should be made to ensure smooth learning. In matters of health, a regular check-up of the students to ensure they are faring well (Chandler, 2017).




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