Proposal on Problem Statement and Management Plan

Proposal on Problem Statement and Management Plan

Characteristics of the Organization

The organization is a mixed day public secondary school located in the village. It has around 500 students in total number with more male students than the female ones. The institution has been performing well, and the efforts towards maintaining the position are in place. It is not a very big school considering the total number of students it can accommodate. The library in the school is not enough to accommodate all the students and so most read in their preferred areas within the school (Carlson, 2017).  The school is organized such as the classes from form 1 to form 4 are in order, and one can easily reach a classroom he or she is directed to. The environment cleanliness is maintained to an optimum and thus conducive environment for learning. Toilets and latrines are kept far away from the classrooms so that the foul smells from there do not interfere with class work. Numerous vocational activities and co-curricular involvements are available, and the students participate in the events. Such activities include sports like football, volleyball playing, and basketball. Another activity is the athletics occurring annually in the school for a given period. Exercises can also be of importance during daily field activities. There is the order of chain of command and starts from the principal, deputy principal, senior teachers to other teachers and finally students and social workers (Daresh, and Alexander, 2015).

Possible Funding Sources

Some of the sources where the school can obtain funds to start projects that are still not complete

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