Prospective Ideas of McLuhan Holding True Up to Now


The writings of McLuhan have impacts on our perspectives towards the media. The ideas that McLuhan projected in his book, Understanding the media has dramatically impacted the way people view the media, the way people deal with the effects of media and also awareness of any possible consequences of the media effects. McLuhan identified ideas themes which that are the thesis to how the media affects people. These include the extension of man, McLuhan favorite saying that medium is message culture.

The Prospective Ideas

The Extensions of Man. This is the thesis that holds into account media technologies are human body extensions. In the old ages, we had our bodies extended in space. However, currently, after more than a hundred years of massive technological revolution, we have extended our central nervous system thus abolishing the space and time regarding the current world.McLuhan clearly outlines the understanding of media as an extension to man and goes through way above the ordinary means of communication such as newspapers, radio, and television as being vital in influencing the human brain activity. People have several insights about the media, and that media does not necessarily encompass the mediums that bring news to people even in the current times.

The medium is the message. It the modern culture, the medium is considered as the medium of the message. This is since the effects of any medium on our social or personal affairs is introduced into people’s lifestyles through new technology and the media. The media has been a critical medium for it has automatically aligned people with current responsibilities.Mediums of media have over time made man changes to people’s affairs and way of life. The medium is the message passes on a particular message thus generating symbiotic relationship which affects how the message is accepted and viewed. The theme holds in the current world as various mediums have distinct social effects whereby an example of a light bulb is useful. In as much as the bulb has no required content, it enables people to create spaces at night which if not for the bulbs, there would be total darkness (Maeng, 2016). The media is has been able to change the views of people in public opinion regarding any crime reported by newscasts. Most newscasts are no longer on the focus of the story rather than the general perspective of the outcomes.

The examination of tribal culture. The organization and structure of various societal set up are based on the invention of media. In every group works or organizations such as sporting clubs, every member has a role according to the schedule. These various groups and teams will always be a competition with other parties. This increased competition level mirrors the pre-industrial tribal structures. Thus the invention of media reconfigured and reconstructed tribal structures. Mediums of the media such as television are used to show videos to the society. Children tend to engage in the tv shows thus also acquiring culture from the mediums of media.Media significantly impacts the culture. Furthermore, the culture at any instance makes man realize factors such as tribe, a community in depth and long values. This has been the virtual mode to many people as users get information through media and incorporate some of the concepts into their real lives.


McLuhan used media, medium, and technology to illustrate the effects of the technologies on people’s well-being. Media shapes the human affairs and way of life thus impacting the social status of individuals. In the current times, the internet is the medium which tends to contain different mediums which came were introduced before it.



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