Protection Regulation

Various acts protect employees that are working in private companies and government institutions. For instance, a minimum wage is an act that controls the minimum amount that is paid to workers in every hour. It is accounted for by the number of hours that an employee has been in work within the stipulated time. The employees also enjoy overtime wages which are awarded for every hour an employee extends working. Overtime wages are customarily paid highly since the workers are paid one and half more than the regular amount. An organization or any working institution is supposed to provide a good working environment for the worker. Health working environment is a requirement that is contained in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Act.

Safety working environment in the working place is also ensured through regular screening of other workers with the aim of testing for impairment. All the workers that are injured in the working places need to be adequately compensated by the organization. The organizations have also developed a social security fund that is responsible for generating retirement and disability benefits to workers that have been challenged. The company also provides a pension to the workers after they have retired. The pension is normally generated from the salaries where a certain percentage is retained. The workers are therefore entitled to individual rights such as the right o be compensated appropriately. Unemployment act, and gives the worker an opportunity to be paid after they have been displaced from the pace of work.

The immigrants are protected by various laws that have been put into action if the country. For instance, the Immigration Act of 1990 plays a significant role in the nation in ensuring that immigrants are given an opportunity to access their rights. Besides, the Immigration and Naturalization Act provides that the immigrants who are in the country can obtain identity card through naturalization.  Some organizations have adopted a specific rule that is responsible for protecting the workers from discrimination in the working place. The Civil Right Act of 1866, 1964 and 1991 is tasked with providing solutions against all claims of discrimination. Besides, bias is being avoided through the provision of the Equal Pay Act which ensures that all the workers are paid according to the kind of work and skills they have in the organization. The payment should be awarded regardless of the gender and race of the worker without any sign of discrimination. The worker is protected by the Equal Opportunity Act where all people in the society are involved in work.

People with disabilities should also be given a chance to work so that they can feel that they belong to a larger community. The America Disability Act is a policy that offers protection to people who are challenged. The act advocates for fair treatment of the disabled people where an organization is required to have a certain percentage of disabled people working. It ensures that people who are not able to fight for themselves are well represented in society. Besides, expectant women are also given leave for three months before they give birth or any adoption that interfere with their performance while working. Working places also contain a different form of discrimination like disparate treatment. People are discriminated depending on gender and race in working areas. However, sexual discrimination is the biggest problem that happens in the country where people are given favors in exchange for sex. Institutions are expected to develop severe guidelines that will help to end such acts in working places.


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