Public Health Nursing

The fundamental objective of public health is to focus on improving the overall health of people by offering clean and hygienic services. Despite the unforeseen challenges that will impact public health such as environmental and population changes, it is going to improve drastically. In the future, there is a likelihood of advancement of clinical medicine with significant health results. With the introduction of safe delivery procedures, modern medicine, and advanced surgical methods, the life span is bound to increase (Nies & McEwen, 2019).Notably, a strong unity between clinical medicine and public health will ensure that everyone lives a healthy life. There will be increased nutrition, control of persistent infectious diseases and improved health conditions (McKee, 2011).

From my point of view, the population is easily affected by public health menaces universally. Global health plays an essential role in world-wide security as the world becomes a village. Globally, many non-infectious diseases are emerging like heart diseases and consequently poor quality pharmaceuticals, contaminated goods caused by international trading(Aellah, Chantler, & Geissler, 2016). I, therefore, recommend that preventive measures should be put in place by the world community to help eradicate these threats. With this being a critical issue, an effective policy should be put in place to minimize an adverse outcome.

The cost of health care may keep increasing even with companies with good-health programs. In my workplace, I can implement population health by first evaluating the commitment of my company to current wellness and fortitudes of the program then review the existing health plans and improve on customer services (Premji & Hatfield, 2016). Further, I can establish a campaign strategy that will bring together all concerned parties and stakeholdersto look for better healthcare outcomes.


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