Public health related

Nurses play a crucial and dynamic role in the provision of healthcare. Nurses have the responsibility of assessing the needs of patients and diagnosing different illnesses.  Therefore, advanced nursing practices act as an integral part of comprehensive health promotion and care delivery.  In achieving improved outcomes, a conceptual map is essential as it provides creative tactics that boost nursing practices. The conceptual map of role of advanced nursing practices towards health promotion involves the following stages.

The first stage regards to critical thinking which involves an in-depth process of utilizing multiple information in creating associations as well as data analyzing to determine a possible course of action. At this level, advancing nursing involves gathering various information from the general public and analyzing the data to determine the best course of action.

The next level involves relationship analysis which consists of contrasting and comparing concepts that allow comprehensive learning.  The advanced nursing practice can, therefore, analyze the existing relationships between nurses and the general public to determine the most effective approach to promote health. For instance, if there exists a good relationship, nurses can use the approach of comprehensive learning to create awareness of different health issues.

The next level involves theory-to-practice application which entails creating a knowledge base as well as enabling knowledge utilization to menace decision practices.  At this level, advanced nursing practices can build a knowledge base to ensure that the general public utilizes health practices such as hygiene and vaccination programs.  The three levels of the conceptual map provide the integration of different health promotion practices to achieve improved quality care. Therefore, critical thinking would help in solving complex health issues; relationship analysis would assist in ensuring the effectiveness of health promotion programs and theory-to-practice would ensure better utilization of nursing practices by the general public.