Public perception and Nanotechnology

Public perception and Nanotechnology

Various scholars have shown great interests in finding the relationship between public perception and nanotechnology. The purpose of this work is to explore the critical research on public opinion on nanotechnology. The review pays attention to the researcher’s expectations on the fact that that there is a correlation between the creation of awareness of nanotechnology and the positive views by the members of the public.

Knowledge and attitude

The essence of general positive framing of the issues related to nanotechnology especially by the media is fundamentally linked to the need of support concerning funding by the members of the public. The relationship between the two fails to follow the traditions of knowledge deficit in the community. According to Scheufele, (2015), the majority of the research done to determine the levels of attitudes towards nanotechnology fails to show clear media coverage emphasizing on audience understanding of the topic. The study establishes that the motivating factor behind the perceived public attitudes is commonly adoption of cognitive shortcuts whose role is to make sense to technology by the audience.

Public Opinion vs. Expert Opinion

A critical area of research is emerging which compares the attitudes among the public members to those of the expert’s opinion makers. According to the survey carried out in the US targeting scientists specializing with nano, it was revealed that there is more optimist group of the nanotechnology which is more than general members of the public (Scheufele, 2015).

Media Frames

Ideally, media frames include the presentation of a given context with the purpose of fulfilling present outcomes to the audience (Scheufele, 2015). Whenever the media do the framing, it provides an implication that even small terminologies used can act as an activating factor of cognitive framework among the members of the public which will translate to shifting of interpretation of the technology.


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