Public Sector Response

Some good points that you have demonstrated here. Based on your arguments, there are significant differences that exist between private and public sector with regards to IT operations.

Both of you agree that accountability is among the aspects that constitute the differences existing between public and private sector with regard to IT operations. It is quite true that this aspect has the ability to influence performance. However, there seems to be a disagreement on which sector is more accountable compared to the other. The arguments provided are quite compelling. Nevertheless, I share similar sentiments with Cathleen on this issue.

The public sector is accountable to all the citizens; which is not the case with the private sector. Imagine a situation whereby IT employees in the public sector are careless with their activities and this result to leak of confidential information. This might include information that pertains to the national security of the country. If such information falls on the wrong hands, the entire country‘s security is at risk. This is an example to show that IT operations in the public sector come with more accountability. The performance of people working in these sectors ought to be optimal at all times.

Jose you have also mentioned the aspect of compensation in the public sector. Based on the example that you have provided, it would have been better if you explained further on how it is related to IT operations. This is because it is not outright that either the public sector or the private sector is highly compensated. It is normally dependent on the industry involved.

Another difference that I would add is the benefits involved with the two sectors. Performance in IT operations is affected by this aspect. The public sector seems to have more benefits compared to the private sector. Among the benefits is that of job security. Public sector jobs are normally characterized by stability. This would affect IT operations in that employees in this sector might work below their capability. This is because they do not have the incentive to impress anyone in order to keep their jobs. It is already guaranteed.

Another significant difference is on progress within the organization. Progress in this respect means moving from a lower position to a higher one within the organization. For the private sector, progress is usually dependent on performance. The more effort that people put in activities that they have been allocated, the better their chances of moving to a higher hierarchical position. However, this is not the same case with the public sector. On most occasions, progress is dependent on the amount of time spent in the organization. People that have worked in the organization for a long time have a better prospect of moving forward compared to their counterparts that have not been there for a long time. This is regardless of the effort being put by both parties. Such an aspect is likely to affect IT operations. Individuals involved with IT operations in the private sector will normally put more effort so that they can stand out. This will increase their prospect of gaining promotions and other relevant benefits. Individuals in the public sector on the other hand, might perform below their capabilities since there is no incentive of progress based on their effort.

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