Qualitative Research Design for A Research Proposal

Qualitative Research Design for A Research Proposal

The dissertation is aimed at finding out and analyzing data appropriately with the essence of coordinating the data with existing theories for a particular rationale. The proposal entails descriptive research specifically a case study for the essence of collecting facts and data about the research topic. The dissertation is are search based on how artificial intelligence and the internet of things tend to change the operations and mode of supply chain management in 10 years to come. A qualitative research design is essential in understanding the trends in a particular sector of the global economy as it explains a concept further by describing it from all perspectives. Supply chain management in a firm involves the department in any business entity that is crucial toward propelling the business operations ahead for the essence of attaining the objectives set by the business. The research design on supply chain management is aimed at identifying how artificial intelligence and internet of things (IoT) tend to influence the landscape outlook of supply chain management.

A research inquiry into the effects of Artificial intelligence and internet of things(IoT) is essential to identify prospects awaited in supply chain and how they tend to influence the operational outlook of supply chain management (Meroni & Sangiorgi, 2016). The research question is essential as the technology applied I supply chain has been evolving, and there have to be effects of artificial intelligence and internet of things in supply chain operations. A case study on MacDonald’s stores is appropriate to collect the correct data and facts regarding the impacts of these technological advancements.

The research topic, however, will articulate facts and ideas properly if a case study is used as a qualitative research design. A case study is significant for the research due to the rationale that data required for theoretical coordination is easily collected through interviews from the resource people in the firm and surveys which lead to effective and appropriate research being conducted. Case studies are valid as they relate the research topic to the concept and theories on the ground in the essence of understanding the research question easily (Gog, 2015). The research design is also essential in facilitating a depth analysis of the research question being conducted. It will, therefore, be appropriate for a case study to be used for its ability to present information and collected data from a clear perspective and enhance a clear understanding of the research topic.

Despite a case study being accompanied by some advantage, it is also associated with some challenges during the research. The use of a case study to identify the effects of artificial intelligence and internet of things on the performance outlook of supply chain management concerning MacDonalds will not generally an entire group of supply chains in the global market. The researcher’s view on the research topic may also easily affect the outcome of the findings in the case study as the researcher will give more weight to his opinion on the topic. Additionally, case studies only use surveys and interviews to collect information yet there are several ways of obtaining information regarding the research topic. Other methods such as documentary review and observation are not considered. This would lead to inappropriate data regarding the research topic being case studied.




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