Qualitative Research Journal

Qualitative Research Journal


In the development of my research topic and research problem, I have discovered several important things. One thing is that a good research topic should not be very broad as it would be difficult to investigate a problem adequately. Another important discovery is that a researcher should select a topic that has not been extensively researched. Identifying gaps in understanding and research on the same is essential. The research problem that I have settled on is the experiences that Latina/o immigrants in the United States have regarding their protection by state and federal governments from racial nativist groups. I find the topic to be specific and narrow enough. The issue also has received little focus from researchers and thus has not been adequately investigated. I have altered my topic to address a problem that I am passionate about, and I would like to see discussed further. Political extremism is a broad topic, but the issue of nativism and immigration is narrow and highly relevant today.


I see several challenges in evolving my research question. One challenge is that of doing further research and reading. So far I have not found many research articles that address my specific research problem. The lack of numerous articles is likely to make the review of literature a challenging task.It will also make it difficult to gain insights into the best qualitative approach to choose to study the phenomenon of interest. A second challenge is finding participants who have experienced racial nativism and protection from state and/or federal governments. Such experience is critical in the addressing of the research issue. A third challenge regards the analysis of the collected data. I feel that I have not adequately grasped qualitative data analysis and that I need to read more on the same to be able to design the study and analyze collected data effectively.


One step that I will take in the coming week to evolve my research question isreading several related research articles to learn more about the way other researchers have approached similar questionsAnother step that I will take is selecting the best qualitative research approach to adopt in investigating the phenomenon. Review of the related article will aid in the selection of the best approach as I will learn more about the methods that are favored by more experienced researchers in dealing with related research questions. By working diligently, I will make decisions that will help ease conducting of the study and generation of essential insights on the subject. Planning will be critical to working diligently.

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