Quantitative vs. Qualitative Research

Quantitative vs. Qualitative Research

There are two types of research methods which are used to conduct researches to identify various aspects that affect organizations. These are qualitative and quantitative research methods which depend on the organization’s decision to choose the most appropriate method to choose for their research. Both the methods are different and an organization can either choose to use the quantitative, qualitative or both methods to complete their investigations (Connelly, (2016). Most organizations, however, choose to use a qualitative research method over the quantitative research methods when investigating a workplace problem or phenomenon due to different conditions.

One of the conditions that may lead to the use of a qualitative method in this is that of when the information at hand is not enough or is not definitive. With qualitative research method, researchers formulate different possible realities or scenarios, understand them, and formulate different possible solutions. This is opposed to the quantitative method which tests theories and makes predictions which most of the time might not be the correct solution since they are only assumptions. An organization aims to locate the real workplace problem and not rely on assumptions hence the preference of the qualitative method over the use of the quantitative.

Another condition that may lead to organizations using qualitative method over the quantitative one is when there is a large pool of participants that are involved (Boddy, 2016). To obtain the best results, it is advisable for the researcher to empower the participants and this is what the qualitative method does. After empowering them, they are likely to give honest and accurate results towards the workplace problem that is being investigated on. This is opposed to quantitative research methods which classify the participant into different categories and dividing them may sometimes lead to them giving inadequate information in the different questions posed to them by the researcher.



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