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Raising a child is not something that you wake up one day and decide you want to raise one. It is something that needs both physical and psychological preparation. Sometimes I tend to think that the reason why a child has to take nine months to be born is to allow parents to be prepared so that when the baby comes, they can give their best. I believe that if children took a short time to be born then, it would be a hectic and stressful activity for most parents especially when it comes to adjusting to their new roles. It is every parent’s wish to raise their children in the best way they can so that they grow up embracing the positive values. If and when I raise children, I will offer the best care to my children and I believe that they will always appreciate my efforts when they are all grown.

If and when I raise children I will establish a reliable support system so that they grow up satisfied with their achievements and desires. Food and clothing are the first basic things that I will ensure they never lack. I will work hard to bring food on the table so that they can grow and develop well. A balanced diet will be important as it will ensure that they develop efficiently, but I will always ensure that we eat as a family so that they can realize the importance of family and togetherness. Children need to play with others so that they can acquire the social skills necessary to relate with others; therefore, I will allow them to play and have fun with other children. I will be a strong role model for them to learn good qualities from me. It is the only way to show them that what I teach them is practical. I will dedicate more of my time to the children where we will get to talk, embrace and laugh together. It will help build my relationship with the children as we get to understand each other better. I will always study my children so that I can learn them effectively. Every individual is unique, and it will be essential to determine the uniqueness of each child so that I can know how to handle them and with this understanding, I will be able to navigate through their feelings. I will always motivate them to join a cause so that that they can live a purposeful life. Embracing a child has a positive impact on their cognitive development; hence it is a useful tool for raising an intelligent child.

Children sometimes get naughty and make mistakes. Parents and caregivers need to adopt the best procedure for punishing a child. If and when I raise children, I will correct them with so much love. I believe that communication will be the best tool for correcting a child. I do not think that beating a child is the best way to punish a child; in most cases, it only inflicts fear and makes children unable to express themselves. I will punish mistakes by denying child privileges so that he/she realizes that there will always be negative consequences for acting up. I will as well reward and praise good behavior so that the child learns that it is gratifying to maintain good behavior. With the stated strategies, I believe I will be able to raise children with admirable character.


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