Thanks so much for offering me the position of internship at Dunn and Associates, something that I have longed for in quite a long time. The opportunity was one of the best encounters that my life has ever encountered in my career enhancement and development. It was a great pleasure meeting you and interacting with the members of your interview panel. The whole process was fantastic and shaped me for future endeavors.

Unfortunately, after a great deal of self-internalization and thought, I have decided to turn down this gracious internship opportunity. It wasn’t my wish but several underlying factors that have made it hard for me to relocate to the new estate as well as make the complete transition within the remaining limited time of reporting. I am genuinely very sorry for any inconvenience which this decision may cause you and your entire firm. It may take time to find such a promising, and a goal-oriented person like me but and hopeful all shall be well on your side. I also hope that our explicit created relationship will remain intact and will not affect my future relationship with your firm. I am confident enough that my disappointment in your firm will also give others an opportunity to express their enthusiastic goal and mission in your stable company.

Again, I dearly appreciate your careful consideration and offer. I wish you continued success in all your future endeavors and hope to hear from you in the future for any available vacancy to exercise my mild enthusiasm for working with your team.

Kind Regards,


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