Recommendation Letter

Recommendation Letter

To whom it may concern,

It is a great pleasure to write to you in recommendation of Kim Brown for admission to the Army Officer Candidate School. Kim is a natural born leader, an individual with a strong will to serve others. She has always had a steadfast commitment to her end goals and does not forget the reasons that made her start a journey in the first place.

In the years that I have known Kim, She continually displays a selfless character and a desire to put her community first. She values teamwork and is always struggling to learn more, and put the knowledge gained to improve not only her performance and productivity but also to improve and facilitate the growth of others around her. She is respectful of her colleagues with an unimaginable reverential attitude for rank, something that is of great value to the army. My privileged interaction with her for this period convinces me that she will do her best to dutifully fulfill her responsibilities as a candidate and, hopefully, in service to this great country.

Kim graduated from Columbus State University with a BA in Health and physical education, among the top students in her class. Her passion for health and physical fitness is an advantage as she is a well-developed professional ready to promote health and prevent diseases in almost all possible settings. Kim currently works part-time at GCU, a company that continues to benefit significantly from her versatile set of her skills and abilities as a health and fitness expert. She has a strong personality and can stand up and defend her decisions when needed to do so. Additionally, she is never shy to admit and accept the consequences of her mistakes, a quality that earned her a good reputation in her current position at GCU.

While she handles other duties and responsibilities at GCU, Kim mostly works as a personnel trainer, where she helps others observe healthy living. Her ability to use constructive criticism enables her to stand out among many experts in the field, becoming a favorite for many and, to make progress in her career. This remarkable individual has a keen attention to detail, which makes her both sensitive, quick to respond and reliable.

Kim always has an eagerness to learn new things and at the same time develop her relationship with people in the community. She has been able to achieve these two things by continuously applying for volunteering programs where she contributes immensely and selflessly. Her belief in teamwork is unbeatable and unrivaled as she believes that unity is the only factor that can guarantee the survival of humanity.

Kim is an avid fan of sports. Sports are crucial in the learning and practicing of healthy competition, teamwork, time management, and discipline. And from my interactions with her over the years, she has been nothing less than disciplined, prompt and cooperative. Kim is among the most talented and hardworking persons with whom I have had the opportunity to interact. It is no wonder that she has been able to achieve so much in her life and still maintains her humility. Kim is a spirited person who never despairs at the face of failure. She is open-minded and approaches all that she does with an excellent sense of objectivity.

It is, therefore, my firm recommendation that you consider accepting this outstanding individual’s application into the school, for I am confident that she will remain dutiful, respectable and available for all responsibilities assigned to her. I also remain assured that others will significantly learn from her professionalism and strong work ethic.