Reflect on any word-processing program that you may have used in the past, and explain how you think Word 2016 will help you edit and create better documents

Reflect on any word-processing program that you may have used in the past, and explain how you think Word 2016 will help you edit and create better documents

One of the word-processing program I have used before is Google Docs. The program is available via Google Drive, and it allows the user to upload not on documents but also photos, videos as well as files to a free 15GB storage. Its design is quite simple to use, and it ingeniously syncs across the user’s devices thus increasing its accessibility. Docs allow the user to edit the documents without any limitations and automatically keeps track of all changes right from the time tying began. I remember one time while in high school, the program saved me a lot because I had accidentally deleted my class assignment and I could locate it by any form of trivial retrieval services. Fortunately, the Docs had automatically uploaded the document to Google Drive, and all I needed is to download it.

Word 2016 is loaded with intelligent functions ranging from spelling and grammar checking, autocorrecting, and lots of text formatting options. The various features provided in Word 2016 will improve my typing speed and better my document presentation; ultimately, they will help me create better documents.

Give a specific example of one function that you think will improve your documents

Tell Me

To me, Tell Me is an essential feature in Word 2016. This function is handy especially when the user wants to perform a task that they have not tackled before or they have forgotten how to go about it. Tell Me is text-box located on the right side of the Ribbon tab labels just at the top side of the screen. In it, the user can see the words “Tell me what you want to do.”

To use this function, one needs to type in the task they would like to perform, and then the program will respond by displaying a comprehensive list of all list matching the task requested. Once located, the user is required to click the task of interest and the program will provide clear instructions on how to do the task.

For instance, I type in the text box the words “address an envelope.” The program offered and some options and one of them were “Envelop,” and when I selected it, a new screen, the one that deals with envelopes popped up. I once again typed in the text box a general query with the words “write essay,” and immediately the program popped a link to another feature known as the Word’s Researcher which allows the user to research, add sources and cite the sources correctly right from with Word. If a query is typed and then a mouse hovered over the list of options, a screen appears on the side describing what can be done if one selected a particular choice.

Tell Me is an excellent time saver since the user does not have to dig through the Ribbon to locate a command that they want to use. Moreover, the function memorizes the previously used features such that whenever you are using the program, it first displays the features that the user used last. This makes it easier to reach the most used features.