Reflective Observation Working at a Homeless Shelter

Reflective Observation Working at a Homeless Shelter

  1. What was observed during the Experience?

Recently, I happened to interact and work with the downtown homeless shelter for some time, and during the engagement, I observed several things. For instance, the homeless shelter hosts the women and their young children as well as other women without children. The shelter has literary been converted to a typical home with a kitchen, dormitories and everything that a home would have including playgrounds for the young ones in the backyard which provide the best home away from the streets. The home does not only accommodate the poor and the homeless, but it also provides food and medical care, clothing, schooling and sometimes employment opportunities to everyone within the home. The women and children eat together, do all the chores together as their children play or help in running errands. This notion makes the resident feel at home and like rational human beings. Observably, I noted that this particular home had an identified goal and objective towards providing home, love, stability, kindness, and fundamentally alleviate the level of suffering among the women and their innocent children.

  1. How Did the Experience Affect You?

Fundamentally, through this experience, I came to appreciate that everyone has a story to tell on how he ended up in the homeless shelter. My perception of judging others significantly changed from the short period I was at the shelter. As a Christian, it

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