Replacing desktops with laptops on campus for energy savings

Replacing desktops with laptops on campus for energy savings

Here is the report you requested on the replacement of desktop computers with laptops as a means to save on energy and cost.

This report aims to solve the problem of paying high amounts of money on energy and seeks to cut down the cost by replacing desktop computers with laptops. Laptops use approximately half of the total energy used by desktop computers. Additionally, laptops occupy less space creating more room for others in the labs, are quite cheap and easy to carry even by those on wheelchairs.

Research findings revealed that cutting cost on energy requires the use of alternative computers in the laboratories. The current situation involved the use of desktops computers which recorded a rise in electricity cost yearly. From the research on the internet, library materials and the case study of other campuses resulted in the use of laptops as the answer to the high cost of energy. The findings also proved that the rise in energy consumption harms the environment. Electricity is produced from non-renewable sources and needs to be used sustainably. Also, the campus students agree with the idea and would like to have laptops in their computer laboratories. Some students decided to buy some laptops to be used at SMSU. More so, several campuses have implemented this method and were happy with the results. From the research findings, it is evident that laptops are the solution to the high cost of electricity, high energy consumption and improve to environmental quality.

The research was possible through the help of other students who liked the idea and were ready to help get more laptops and the university for fully supporting the research.

I am grateful to be a part of this great opportunity for solving the university’s high-cost energy issue.