Request for Apology




Subject: Request for Apology

Dear (Name),

I understand you had an altercation with a patient that drew the attention of everyone around. I would you to know that the argument you hand with patient did was not taken well by everyone around and those who had of it afterward. People within the healthcare facility are talking of the issue, and I can attest they are talking negatively of you.

It is important to let you know that as an RN you not supposed to lose your cool and engage in an unnecessary argument with patients. It is also equally important to let you know that such an argument can negatively affect the reputation of this facility. Understand that even if you felt offended by the patient, you were supposed to act professionally and amicably solve the issue with the patient.

Kindly understand that delivering top-notch patient medical care involves more than just helping patients get well. It also entails the overall patient experience and satisfaction. Now that the patient you had an altercation with reach-out on me, and we talked, I want you to offer her a formal apology and guarantee her that such actions will never happen again. The apology will mean a lot to the patient’s experience and satisfaction as well as to the overall reputation of the nursing practice in this facility.

Please understand that it is for the best of us all- you, me and the facility at large.

Yours Sincerely,