Requesting for an Investment in Online Network Marketing

Requesting for an Investment in Online Network Marketing

To:  Robert Anderson, Marketing Executive.


Date: 15/10/2016

Subject: Requesting for an Investment in Online Network Marketing


The company has been searching for an effective strategy that would ensure there is an increase in the sales of the services and products being offered. I have identified one service that will help in this quest; which is online network marketing. I am urging the management to invest in this service since it will help to increase the company’s revenues. Online network marketing will entail the development of distributor networks that will aid in the building of the business. This model will necessitate the recruitment of sales representatives (agents). These agents will be trained on how the company operates and the type of services and products that are on offer. The agents will promote the products and services on behalf of the company. In return, they will earn a commission based on the amount of sales that they make. The sales representatives can also recruit other sales agents through the affiliate program referrals. This will ensure that the network promoting the company’s offerings is vast and well distributed. The representatives will promote the products and services to the people in their circles. There is a high probability of conversion since people tend to believe what they hear from the people that they know. All these activities will take place through the internet. This means that there is no need to set up other physical infrastructures.

Online network marketing suits the nature of the business that is being conducted at the organization. Offering technological products (software) and services has become a booming business in the advent of the internet and technology. Several business opportunities have opened up due to the presence of prominent infrastructures. Most of the activities taking place in the organization are done online. Consumers purchase products and services through the organization’s website. This model of operation makes it possible for the organization to be involved with the global market with great ease. In this respect, online network marketing comes out as an effective service to help push the business further.

Online network marketing is a favorab

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