Research on Business Major

The case study for the interviews ascertained by the student depicted aspects of layouts and outlook structure of academic works. Technicality and analyzed concepts show scholarly output and markups on scholars. The mind is based on an evaluation of the surroundings. The context is based on the empirical assessment of academic instances based on business majors and the methodologies and findings entailed during the process. Certain data representing statistical points are analyzed to interpret the scholarly works and units included in the majors. The academic styles and literal representations are all part of the analysis, in ascertaining the concepts of learning. Derivative approaches are included in the section, whereby portions of the procedures and concepts incorporate writing genres and establishment of firm academic processes.

Literary Review

Creative writing

Following the academic analysis of self-awareness in interpretation, choosing a suitable academic style for the major requires cognitive analysis and empirical structure of certain academic routines or programs. Creative writing has such concepts, whereby certain considerations for the design and or organization are met. The paper in business major ascertains artistic elements in the delivery, in such a way that scholars expound creativity through logistics knowledge. For instance, certain amenities are implemented in the majors, whereby art business knowledge incorporates art as a subject (subjectivism) to be creative with words and still be useful in the academic sector. The concept of creating an artistic expression in business comes from a personal inspiration of an individual. By way of one self’s perception, one can elucidate an idea from one self’s inspiration and create an art piece in conjunction with the concepts entailed in the primary. The mind interprets what it sees, in a philosophical way. The mental and the subjective takes form as a self- conscious state; in that they cannot be broken down in the physical unless a naturalism theory in entailed (Bargiela-Chiappini, 2014). However, choosing creativity takes place in realism concept, since the conscious mind interprets a deeper outlook of the world. In return, subjectivity can exist supernaturally, by idealizing the perceptions derived in the spirit of an individual. The illusion is part of the art, and the concept of the subject interpreted by the mind offers a supportive approach to the case of subjectivity taking place in both a naturalism and realism way.

Incorporating liberal arts as a genre

A cognitive analysis of creative writing in business majors seems to analyze the philosophy behind subjectivity concerning skills. The agency contained in subjectivity in art creation features individualism. For instance, the dynamics of interpreting the world comes from an individual perspective of how things fall into place. Therefore, the identity of the world and its existence is contained in our minds. Art subjectively arranges objects and events in realism and the inspiration from an ideology of the brain. Individualism offers a derivative approach of the concept of Descartes theory of the self, hence for art to be created a self- awareness mentality if put into place. Art making is defined by these analyses; an observation of the world as an expression, with regards to individualism. Subjectivity takes form from an individual perspective, in that one analyzes the surroundings and interprets it as an expression of art. The observation comes within self-consciousness of the mind, with a flow of memories, to help create art that depicts business concepts from an artistic point of view and not just business illustrations in general form such as economics units.

Hence, marking the analysis is guided by the presentation of a previous subject, whereby the scholar will infuse the inspiration to make an innovative creation, with consideration of how the disorientation, placement of programs through resource allocation will take place. Subjectivism helps the student conduct an inscription, when implementing a suitable literary concept, in that derivative approach is accomplished, and insertion of academic ideas like book reviews and external training programs like tuition is attained.

Rhetoric studies as a style

Rhetoric studies are also another style entailed in business majors. Analyzing words and texts shows literary prowess, and arrangement of speech and methods of speech depicts constructive narratives and policy development. Cautions repositioning of words can cover a commonality of language and attain literary credibility (Bargiela-Chiappini, 2014). The scholars interested in writing pursue such concepts as a way of bettering oneself in the academic sector and grow in term of skill and professionalism. Individuals are faced with certain motives which might place one n a dilemma, over whether to incorporate writing skills into business majors or develop external platforms outside the academic programs. However, the whole arrangement of literary styles in the primary is based on career empowerment, and students become motivated over their preferences in styles and how one might attain growth.


The context describes specific programs and processes on how scholars in business majors incorporate styles and concepts in establishing writing genres in academic programs. The methods for selecting the styles entailed:

Written business communication, whereby digital platforms are integrated into writing styles. Emails and advertisements are the chief written communication, in conjunction with writing genres. Ideally, a well-structured genre entails literary elements such as the use of essays, punctuations, ad assessment or exams. For instance, in the interviews conducted, one of the scholars mentioned used of exams writing skills enabled the individual to develop language prowess and attain and attain better analysis for better academic results. Grasping business majors were enhanced, through such writing genres. Structure in a writing genre entails set of units which readers of certain kinds are proposed to with superstructure elements (Graham, 2011). The prepositioning of the topics shows the visual design of a document or literary context, and how the cases are implemented in subjects on business majors. Writers can generate and structure contents in the documents appropriately and depict only certain sets of topics for evaluation.

Assessment of interviews

The interview conducted depicted another type of methodology for incorporation of writing genres in the business major. Observing the individual develops stable feedbacks, and conscious word preference is tested to understand an individual’s perception towards business majors. Questionnaires also follow a specific aspect of the academic channel. Selected questions are carefully arranged, with the derivative approach of a particular genre of writing, and how the method might build cognitive reviews and analysis of the case.

Findings and Conclusions

Infusion of Ethical business studies for students alienates the concept of a scholar from becoming aggressive and tests emotional intelligence. The cognitive observation of such studies shows how students need to have morals and principles instead of searching for evaluations of the writing genres through the tests. Scholars have a background opinion on how the script styles will be integrated with eccentric styles and implementations in academic sectors. Ethics and character are influential, and if a student socializes with others the kind of perceptions and behavior one has is passed down to the next victim. However, with regards to exposures from reliable and appropriate ethical studies, the scholars’ views can change and create better students who ascertain morals unto others (Graham, 2011).

You are formulating one’s research before writing is an essential and vital aspect of context creation. Many scholars find it difficult in choosing a topic to write on since the mind crypts the initial thought one had that entailed the original arrangement of how the context should look. Guidance from reliable resources helps an individual in creating a vivid presentation from the mind first, before writing down the ideas in the form of essays. The resources depict how one can also prepare oneself mentally before executing a context. Mental preparation is mutually essential, as it helps the individual in ascertaining a proper arrangement for any work. The resources help the writer to grow mentally, by creating the whole context from the mind more frequently before rushing into writing.

Based on the above analysis, the empirical evaluation in conjunction with the interview depicted creative writing to be one of the chief considerations of many scholars. Many scholars have choice and preferences based on favorable assumptions of useful writing genres and styles. For instance, writing skills can be incorporated into a professional practice, whereby the student chooses journalism, as a platform for consolidating all the elements attained in the business major. The style and vocabulary selected by the individual do not depict literal prowess only, but also an external option for students in pursuing academic excellence.




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