Research Proposal: Can E-sport be considered an actual Sport?

Research Proposal: Can E-sport be considered an actual Sport?


E-sports include all games played on computers. Many people have embraced computer games in the past few years due to advancement in technology leading to cheap computer devices. Some institutions have integrated computer games into their sports Calendar by sponsoring their students to participate in various computer games. In contemporary society, many children and young adults prefer sitting in front of the computer and play virtual games such as football or athletics. Most people in the community including sports stakeholders are confused about whether E-sport should be considered an actual sport or not. The proposed research aims to determine whether e-sport qualifies to be regarded as a real sport by answering the research question, “Can E-sport be considered an actual Sport?”the proposed research will hypothesize that e-sport should a be sport like other sports.

Research Context

Various studies have been conducted on the research topic. To begin with, Kane and Brandon argue that the first criteria of consideration should be the definition of sport to determine whether e-sport fits into the definition (2). The authors define sport as a competition that involves physical exertion. They argue that physical exertion can be gauged through metabolism rate of between 4 and 6. Besides, the oxygen levels also known as VO2 can be between 40% and 60% (Kane &Brandon). The authors found that individual metabolism rate is between 4 and 9 when a person is playing video games (Kane & Brandon 2). The second definitive term for sport is skill, which they argue that a video gamer needs to learn particular techniques to sharpen his skills. A study Jennyby et al. (7), reiterates this argument by stating that e-sports requires skillful coordination to play effectively. According to them, a video game player competes against another real or virtual opponent. Kane and Brandon also argue that many countries such as the US recognize video games as professional sports gamers access p-1 visas like other athletes. Similarly, Jennyet al., say that e-Sport is recognized as a sport in most institutions of higher learning in the US (3). Additionally, they argue that e-sport involves completion like any other sport (6). Kane and Brandon (2), also arguethat e-sport involves competition between two opposing participants.

The proposed study will build on this knowledge by analyzing and comparing the motor skills involved in video gaming to those of athletics. Besides, the study will compare the amount of energy spent when playing video games to that spent in athletics.


The study will use a qualitative approach to collect data by analyzing the findings of previous research regarding the possibility of e-sport to be considered a sport.

Discussion and Conclusion

The study will discuss that e-sport should be considered sport depending on the findings.

The significance of the Research

The proposed study will provide relevant knowledge that can be used by policymakers to include e-sport as an actual sport in society. Besides, it will add necessary knowledge on current literature in sport and gaming. Furthermore, future researchers can use the study as a reference for more information.

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