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Chapters 5 and ten talks about the collection of qualitative data and experimental research design respectively. The fifth chapter addresses and demonstrates the process of collecting qualitative data that involve a decision of finding the right participants who will get the information that the researcher is looking for. Obtaining the consent and permission is the other idea that is covered in this chapter and how to begin the data collection process. The chapter addresses the five steps that data collection where there are functions of the participants as they are the most important procedure (Creswell, 2012). Data samples and procedures are also described in this data will focus on data samples. The 10th chapter has to do with an experimental research design that analyses the traditional approach of conducting quantitative research. Experimental research design involves development variables, both dependent and independent variables.

There are several key ideas that one can learn from these chapters. The researcher has an option of the essential characteristics of the experimental research design. The main idea addressed in this research is their steps that are crucial in collecting quantitative data. For an educator, the main role is to get into detail about problem-solving and the main ideas behind a certain phenomenon. As a result, the teacherhas to choose the right procedures and steps of poor data collection. It is this data collected that will give him or her a hint on understanding the topic to design a viable solution to the problem. This is why this chapter is important to an educator as it will help them to get the right steps and procedures of finding the data which is the main source of information to be used in the research. This part of the chapter is more important to me because most of the research that an educator will participate in will focus on quantitative data as the teacher will have to prove some of the theories that deal with education. This is important to me in my career as an educator for a teacher because most of my research will focus on administrative functions and duties. The researcher has to address some of the most critical procedures through the use of percentages that is the main focus of quantitative research.


Creswell, J. W. (2012). Educational research: Planning, conducting, and evaluating quantitative and qualitative research (4th ed.). Boylston Street, Boston: Pearson.


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