Rhetoric Analysis of ASPCA Animal Rescue Commercial

Rhetoric Analysis of ASPCA Animal Rescue Commercial

The ASPCA advertisement is indeed effective. The American Society for the prevention of cruelty on animals (ASPCA), rescues animals and gives them a better environment. The commercial displays these efforts and urges the public to play its part in saving the endangered furry friends. Forthwith, the essay analyses the rhetoric commercial to determine its efficiency. The advertisement appeals to the emotions of viewers in various ways like images, combines logic, and ethos, to make it appealing to send out its message effectively.

The advert portrays ASPCA as a credible organization in rescuing animals. At the beginning of the commercial, a Sheriff’s van is noted, although the number plate is covered (“ASPCA” 00:00). Working with law enforcement boosts the reliability of ASPCA, portraying it as a legitimate business. Comparatively, ASPCA is a national organization. Consequently, it works with other agencies like insurance and local authorities to end animal cruelty. Being widely known for its effort, the commercial legitimizes the rescue activity shown in the commercial. The rescuer, Tim Rickey, also appears knowledgeable of matters pertaining to animal safety (00:11-00:14). He handles the animals expertly, and he can tell that the living conditions are deplorable. Again, the viewers would be given a photo of the animal they are helping. Sending the photo to the contributor speaks to legitimacy because the individual knows how their money is being spent. In essence, the ASPCA is an accountable organization. The commercial illuminates ASPCA as a legitimate organization that is capable of safeguarding animals.

The commercial uses multiple techniques to appeal to the viewer’s emotions. Firstly, the background instrumental evokes a lot of sadness. The tone could even make one tear up. Accompanied by the sad pictures, the instrumental makes an individual sympathetic to the plight of the animals. Correspondingly, the images evoke sadness, anger, and willingness to help (00:1-1:06). The dogs and cats shown in the commercial are malnourished, sick, their fur is dull, and they look like they are at the brink of death. Seeing the sad-looking animals makes one feel sorry for them because they have no medical or nutritional assistance. The thought brings anger that someone would allow the animals to live in deteriorating conditions as showcased. The cages are dirty, definitely smelly, and the feeding bowls are empty. Forthwith, the viewer is prompted to take action to improve the existence of the animals. The images and sound illicit empathy and action among the viewers.

Equally, the advertiser uses emotional language to prove action. She says that the animals are sick and dying, and to others, help would come too late (00:26-00:30).She adds that it is heartbreaking to see that innocent animals are being treated cruelly. The words make the viewers sympathize with the animals. That the animals may die because of delayed help induce the public to help. The advertiser also relates the animal plight to human existence for empathy reasons. She begins by asking the audience to imagine being locked up in a disgusting cage for years (00:18-00:24). The thought of being deprived one’s freedom and being abused would anger and sadden a person because nobody would want to experience the same. To encourage viewers to support the cause, she downplays the amount of money to contribute. In the commercial, only 63 cents a day is needed to save animals countrywide. The cents are a paltry sum, which make a considerable change in the animals’ lives. However, with this contribution, the animals would get emergency healthcare, food, and a decent shelter. The viewers would be encouraged to contribute because the small sum would not leave any dent in their pockets. Again, the advertiser stresses of partaking in the rescue efforts like a limited edition shirt and a free membership kit. The rewards greatly outweigh the sum being contributed. The perception of gaining more than what one is giving would encourage more contribution. The advertiser’s powerful words make people more willing to contribute to the rescue cause.

The commercial has some logical elements. The advertiser notes that the living conditions the animals are subjected to cause diseases and even death. Looking at the cave images, it is little wonder that the dogs and cats seem so thin, pale, and dull. Additionally, she mentions that contribution is essential to giving the animals a better lease of life (1:06-1:14). Notably, the animals would need medical care and food, which is costly. The organization would strain to meet the needs of the 150 animals rescued in the commercial and many others. Therefore, public donation is imperative to achieving the goals of ASPCA. Comparatively, the animals depend on human intervention to survive. Evidently, the animals have suffered in the hands of people, and it is only proper that people get the animals out of this situation. Food and healthcare are services that only humans can avail to the animals. It is sensible, therefore, that people chip in and play their part in saving the animals. The advertiser argues that people have a role in safeguarding the animals, which is a logical approach.

The advertisement appeals to the emotions of viewers in various ways like images, combines logic, and ethos, to make it appealing to send out its message effectively. The advertisement features animal experts and local authorities to make it credible. With the extensive use of images, sad instrumentals, and the advertiser’s words, the viewers are sympathetic towards the animals and could make them more willing to help out. The advertiser also makes it known that it is the responsibility of society to help the animals, a sensible argument. The ASPCA advertisement was effective in encouraging society to aid in animal rescue activities.


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