Rhetorical Analysis of “A Coke is a Coke” Ad

Coca Cola is the most popular beverage brands across the world. It has a large product portfolio with different flavors, and its brand is popular for exceptional marketing approaches and advertising campaigns. It is easy to identify the Coca Col’s brands by its logo and name among a large collection of brands. The extent of brand awareness that Coca Cola enjoys cannot be achieved without a great investment in advertising and marketing. Coca Cola is known for creating some of the most thrilling and inspiring adverts in the soft-drink industry. Its marketing adverts have been a key component of the company’s marketing strategy. In the ad “A Coke is a Coke” is a 60-second spot that portrays that Coca Cola is and always has been for everyone. The ad shows a people of all kinds drinking coke with voices saying that coke is coke, it is the same for everyone, you can get it if you want, no matter where you are from. The information from the ad sounds like a clarion call for togetherness. The animated characters that are represented in the ad come from various walks of life to enjoy the taste of Coca Cola in different packages and varieties. Every voice, word, and image featured in the ad is aimed at bringing people together, irrespective of religion, origin, gender, race, lifestyle, professions or point of view to celebrate their differences with an ice-cold Coke.

The ad is a playful but emotional expression of the values of the brand for the last 132 years. It is an indication that Coca Cola brings to life diversity, optimism, and inclusion that the company’s brand stands uniquely.

In the ad, the company uses three persuasive elements of logos, pathos, and ethos as an integral component of their marketing communication to persuade the audience. From the ethos perspective, the company ethically appeals to the audience by referencing to the ethical source for togetherness and appreciating diversity. The ad shows people of different walks of life coming together to share a coke. The ad capitalizes on the need of the people to understand and appreciate that they are both different and beautiful. Irrespective where you come from, or whether you are rich or poor, Coca Cola makes the consumers feel that we are all the same. It does not treat the rich differently to the way it treats the poor. All the Cokes are the same and are all good. The tone of the ad displays a playful mood and promotes fun and togetherness with Coca Cola. This is intended to attach with the emotions of consumers across the globe. It encourages the need for taking a Coke together as a show of diversity and togetherness. The advert takes its primary concept from the quote of Andy Warhol that celebrates the art of togetherness.

Based on the pathos element, the ad uses emotions in the message to persuade the audience. From the ad, the consumers tend to enjoy drinking the Coke together, evoking the emotions of merriment and joy. The people seem to be enjoying the Coca Cola drink, and this can be seen from their words and looks on their faces. The ad’s tone creates a playful mood and persuades the consumers to have fun with Coca Cola. Through this, the ad tends to connect with the emotions of consumers across the globe with the mood of celebrating what they have in common, rather than what sets them apart. Through the use of some beautifully designed colors and transitions between scenes and characters, this advert clearly appeals to the consumers to take Coke together and enjoy the company’s goal of bringing people together for the past 133 years.

On the Logos perspective, the ad applies a logical appeal regarding the use of logic to influence consumers to buy the Coke product. It is essential to note the company’s logic does not just entail the aspect of quenching thirst but also about creating a moment full of happiness and fun. This 60-second ad is filled with fun coupled with a suitable tune playing in the background which supplements the mood and tone of the advert.

By using the three elements (logos, pathos, and ethos), the company uses the ad to attach with the consumers and foster a greater engagement with the brand. After watching the ad, I felt inspired, motivated, and most importantly, persuaded to buy the product and enjoy with my fellow students who come from different parts of the world with different cultures, races, backgrounds, religions, and political affiliation. I feel that through the ad, the company tries to bring the understanding and appreciation that we are all different in some way but irrespective of that, Coca Cola brings us together to share joy and happiness. Apart from fostering the art of togetherness in society, this ad serves as a way of attracting new customers. This ad was very popular among the consumers due to its unique content and the vast extent of creativity exhibited. The level of engagement of people from different walks of life coming together to drink a Coke excited the emotions of the audience and fill people with joy.


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