Rhetorical Discussion: Are Colleges Really Worth It?

Rhetorical Discussion: Are Colleges Really Worth It?

Are Colleges Really Worth It?

Colleges are worth it as they enable individuals to secure a career and for the essentiality of fitting in the competitive world. The rhetorical situation of the video involves the speaker inquiring whether college is worth it or not. The audience in the video is majorly students. This is because the comparison between high school diplomas and college degrees may manipulate them to defer their studies. The video is an educative genre with a positive attitude toward various perspectives of the contributors to the motion (PSI, 2013). The media used by the speaker to communicate to his audience is the video.

College is worth it as everyone needs to secure a career after completing studies. Also from the video, College degrees pay more than high school degrees thus advocating for College degrees. The degrees obtained from colleges are also useful in enabling individuals to apply their skills learned in technical courses toward reality.

My stance on the worthiness of college is challenged by the fact that basic skills for courses such as fine arts can be leaned at home. Moreover, the high school diploma lands students into blue collar jobs as they play a crucial role in shaping society. Additionally, one does not need to surpass the high school diploma to secure a job or conduct research.

The arguments presented are strongly composed as in the case of the worthiness of college degree, there are justified benefits that accrue to it such as high compensation and job security. However, people with college degrees will be unable to carry blue-collar jobs. In regards to high school diplomas, the findings are that the students with high school diplomas are still able to secure blue collar jobs while the weakness of high school diplomas is that low compensations accompany it. Moreover, the video did not change my perspective on the worthiness of the college. My stance remained firm due to the persuasive arguments on benefits that accrue to college degrees.



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