Riding a Bicycle

It is true that first time experiences and encounters are quite memorable. It means, it is quite difficult for individuals to forget some of their first attempt on various matters. In connection to that, I cannot forget my first encounter as a cyclist trainee. I still keep the experience as a story that I can share to motivate my friends on various encounters of their lives. Therefore, the essay explores my experience when I rode a bicycle for the first time by analyzing some key aspects such as the feeling I had and the thoughts I developed as a cyclist trainee.  The paper also seeks to show my audience why the first experience in cyclist is unique enough such that it is in my memory.

What was much special about this particular event?

The first time I rode a bicycle, I felt like I was flying in the sky. I had no idea what I was doing. At first, the experience was weird and unbearable.  In other words, I was frightened like never before. I panicked and fell severally. Anytime I fell I was hurt and felt that riding was not part of my hobby. I kept trying until I got used to the strange situation. In other words, after regular rides, I felt freedom of sensation.  Once I was scared, I lost the conc

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