Robert ’s grounds for putting forward a complaint

Robert ’s grounds for putting forward a complaint

I disagree with the first comment on Robert ’s grounds for putting forward a complaint. Despite the hospital’s knowledge concerning the acts of the surgeon, he should make the complaint. The aim of creating a claim is for the sake of other workers, patients, and the hospital in general. Anyone who suffers any sexual harassment whether a worker or patient has the rights of reporting the person involved to the authorities. I disagree with Robert’s comment that making suggestive comments only to a male worker is punishable. It is ethical to treat all workers with the respect that they all deserve despite their gender (Selvalakshmi  & Mutharasi,2017,p.15 ). According to  Ephesians 2: 14, we are all equal in the eyes of the lord.

I disagree with the comment about the option that he might take. If Robert was a worker, he should follow that chain of command in reporting this case. As a coworker to the surgeon, he reports to another person. If Murray was the worker , he should, therefore, use this individual to present his claims so that the authority concerned should report the issue in an upward direction. For example in a normal situation, If a nurse identifies an issue, he or she would prefer reporting the matter to the charge nurse who will inform the shift manager. It is ethical when a problem is solved following the correct chain of command (Tinker, 2018).  Any ordinary worker cannot just approach the medical director without reaching authorities below the director.



I like what Murray said concerning the accountability of actions. Research conducted concerning organizational behavior suggests that individuals who seek to improve practices in their organizations aim at improving the general performance of their workplace. Despite the fight to improve organizational performance, some individuals still do not own up to their mistakes. Proper ethical behavior confirms an organization’s success despite the situation (Sambashivarao, 2017,p.46). Such individuals are therefore considered to be exhibiting unethical behaviors.

I highly agree with Murray’s suggestion that a   complaint against the surgeon and the hospital should be made. It is clear that the surgeon made a mistake by sexually harassing his fellow worker despite his or her gender.  Besides, an employer must be aware of their worker’s well being while at work ((Judson & Harrison, 2019). Any misconduct against the worker makes the employer be held liable at any point in time. For example, when a worker is injured or dies in the course of his duty, it is evident that the employer will be the held responsible for such an occurrence. According to Proverbs 17: 17, we should love our friends just as we love ourselves. This verse means that we should take care of our neighbors and friends in and outside the workplace.


Agree with Murray’s idea concerning the reporting procedure that he would follow. It is highly likely that the same problem that the worker is enduring is the same that other workers might be suffering. In an attempt to solve any problem in an organization, it is proper to inquire about the same problem to try find out if another person is affected by a similar issue (Malik & Garg, 2017,p.626 ).  Involving the authority is an essential option in the problem-solving process as they have the power to make situations change or improve. Despite the inclusive nature of most organizations, the final decision lies with authority in charge.




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