Role of Nurses in the Healthcare System

Healthcare system has improved rapidly due to advancement in technology which boosts the role of nurses. Even though there are workflow issues in the healthcare system, implementing proper health policies enhances the quality of health through heightening the role of nurses.

The primary role played by nurses is to be the caregivers to the patients, and they do so by providing patient with education which is essential in achieving quality treatment. Successful coordination of Nurses with patients will make diagnosing and administering therapies to particular diseases easy. Through training provided by the nurses the patient can have an understanding of health, illnesses, medications, and treatments. Furthermore, the nurses are the ones who collect patient information, the collection of blood samples and confirmation of outcomes of blood samples. (Takahashi, Nakada, Matsuura, & Shiromaru, 2019). Nurses also are the advocates for the patient’s interests.

Workflow more often influences the role of nurses in the healthcare system which may lead to workarounds. Besides, workflow issues caused by outdated technology may result in medical errors since; all the medical information recorded relies on clinician’s memory. Also, improving the healthcare quality has been achieved through introducing advancedtechnology such as adoption of the Electronic Health Records and the introduction of Computerized Provider Order Entry, assists with medical data transfer (Weaver, Ball, Kim, & Kiel, 2016). The U.S government passed health policy, in the quest to achieve quality healthcare during Barack Obama’s reign. The policy, “Affordable Care Act,” is one of the state laws, works to ensure every citizen access quality healthcare at an affordable cost. The nurses played an essential role in the implementation of the act by informing people about the affordable healthcare coverage the ACA provides.

Ultimately, the role of nurses are considered to be the preparation of treatment and observing patients, but they are ones who do a lot when it comes to the patient’s wellbeing, more than just observing.


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