Rule Utilitarianism

An act is right if it brings the greatest good to the lives of people. Its primary intention is to maximize happiness among the general public. In this case, group benefits are given preference over the welfares of a single individual. As a result, when there is a conflict between the two, the public interest shall prevail.Rule Utilitarianism can assist in promoting justice and individual rights in the community. People enjoy the same rights regardless of their status in society. Therefore, no person can be given special privilege or benefits than other individuals. It is the rule that the state uses to make most of its decisions. The primary intention is to ensure that all people enjoy the same rights. A good example is where the state puts security lights where many individuals pass at night instead of constructing them outside the houses of individuals. The act will ensure that the decision made is for the general public and not an individual.

I maintained this principle throughout the week when I decided to teach my students instead of attending a friend’s wedding. It was a difficult decision to make since I had enjoyed a close relationship with him. Additionally, the person was a close family associate. Besides, our friendship originated from our parents. Moreover, it was challenging to make this choice because I was in a dilemma for long before finally concluding. There were several occasions where I experienced trouble. One of such areas was to apportion my time. It was not possible to find time to attend the occasion and also teach my learners. This is because the two events happened on the same day and at the same time. Despite that I decided to remain in school, I was unable to concentrate because my attention was divided between the wedding and my duties. Finally, I experienced challenges while explaining to friends that the decision I took was the right one.

From my assessment, I believe that I followed my theory of choice to the latter. What I did was right because it was for the most significant benefit of a majority of the members of the public. It was a wise decision than attending my friend’s wedding since it was not for the benefit of many people. Though, teaching in a school for the whole day could benefit many students. My theory of choice is an accurate reflection of morality. This is because it is for the common good of the majority and not a single individual. In my decision, there was a conflict between personal and public interest. However, the latter finally prevailed. In my view, I feel that I did the right thing that is desirable and admirable by many people. The decision I made is a clear indication that I am living a moral life.  My choices are influenced by the common good of the general public.

The ethical theory application had both positive and negative consequences of my interactions. For instance, I had an adverse relationship with my friend when I refused to attend his wedding. He could not understand that my choice was for the good of the public. Therefore, he thought I had ill motives which were not true. On the other hand, it created a better relationship between me and the school management. It was because of my decision to attend my duties without fail. The concept affected by individual life choices in many ways. First, it enabled me to make the right life choices that benefit many individuals. Therefore, the decisions I made significantly transformed many people. It also assisted me in utilizing time most appropriately. It was because I used most of my time on productive activities. Finally, the theory enabled me to be a good timekeeper. Thus, the cases of time wastage were minimized.

The ethical theory application improved my professional associations with other experts in my area of specialization. The principle enabled me to be mindful of other people in my place of work. As a result, I was able to enjoy a better relationship with other individuals. Additionally, it enabled me to embrace teamwork in my place of work. Therefore, better results can be attained in the entity by involving other people in every process. The theory also enabled me to understand what is right or wrong in my professional duties.

Consequently, this assisted me in making the right decision thus, enhancing my relations with my workmates. The rule utilitarianism also helped me to make the right professional choices at my place of work. I could make choices that benefit many experts instead of those that benefit an individual. For example, instead of increasing the salaries of a single individual, I would pay for the overtime of all the workers. The measure could significantly improve the productivity of the entity in the future. Besides, I could use an external recruitment process instead of hiring internally. Therefore, it was beneficial to a more significant majority of the public who needed jobs.

Living as per the requirements of this theory will assist me in embracing good morals for the benefit of the community. Secondly, the concept can enable me to have respect for other people and also become a responsible person in society. It is because I will make choices that not only benefit me but also the entire community. Besides, the theory might enable me to minimize conflicts with other individuals. It may, therefore, make life simpler for me as a result of the better relationship I will create with other people. On the professional level, the theory can ensure that I uphold integrity at all the time while executing my tasks.

Moreover, the concept might help me to reduce cases of conflict of interest while handling my tasks. In this case, I can make a professional judgment without undue influence from others. As an expert, I will be objective while handling my assignments. Therefore, the principle may assist me in eliminating bias when making my decisions.

Rule utilitarianism has several shortcomings because it relies on rules formulated to make decisions. Therefore, there are cases where these guidelines conflict hence, leading to dilemmas. The theory is also inconsistent because at times it can conflict with act utilitarianism thus, giving different judgments on an issue. However, one of the strengths of the concept is that it aims at benefiting the masses and not an individual. It also ensures that individuals get equal treatment in society. As a result, all individuals end up enjoying equal rights in the community. Finally, the concept trains individuals to be responsible for people in life.

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