Personal experiences are a critical part of life as they shape individuals' core beliefs and connection to religious rituals. It follows that sacred spaces play a crucial part in the development of core beliefs and one's outlook in life. Sacred spaces can be religious or personal and allow one to practice rituals that build their core values effectively.[1] I have undergone different experiences at school and in the workplace that have influenced me to look for sacred spaces to allow for prayer, meditation, and reflection enabling me to become a better person. Sacred spaces are determined a person's belief system, which establishes the core values that they develop.


Working in a diverse environment is challenging as I learned during the first internship program that I attended. I worked for a marketing company where the interns were rated based on their performance. At the start of the program, the management promised that it would reward the outstanding intern with the future promise of employment and a favorable recommendation. The situation made the work environment hostile as the interns were determined to outdo each other leading to competition in the workplace. My academic qualifications and competence placed me at the top of the pecking order. I would complete my tasks fast, and the management recognized my work for exemplary performance. My colleagues viewed me as a threat, and it became clear that they were willing to do all it took to sabotage my reputation and future in the company.

I suffered a high level of discrimination from the interns as they would alienate me in group projects. They cited that I was an uncooperative workmate and that I preferred undertaking most projects on my own. I was determined to complete the internship program in spite of the resistance that I faced in the workplace. One of the lowest points during the program was when my computer was hacked into and a crucial assignment that I was working on deleted. I had a rough time explaining to the management the reasons behind my lateness in presenting the project. At this point, my performance in the program was declining, and it became clear that I would not take the leading position. I developed spite towards my colleagues, which had a negative impact on how I perceived the organization and the work environment.

My home was my sacred space as I would ponder about the experiences after work. During this period, I developed a close relationship with God and learned the essence of forgiveness. When I understood how to forgive my fellow interns, I let go and focused on my purpose in the organization, which was to complete the internship program and improve my skills and abilities. It was in sacred space where I learned that forgiveness is personal and is one of the Christian rituals th

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