Same-sex marriage

The same-sex marriage holds many controversies especially those linked to religious and social norms. The provisions and policies defining the practice of same-sex marriage continue to face significant opposition from religious perspectives. Besides, the cultural opinions continue to influence constitutional amendments regarding same-sex marriage. Both Federal and State policies play a significant role in impacting the issue of same-sex marriage. For instance, laws matter because it outlines the rules of society and provides the necessary framework for the implementation of policies related to sexual health. Therefore, it quarantines human rights to people engaged in same-sex marriage. The recent debates on the issues of same-sex marriage have raised awareness on the need to have same-sex marriage

The trends of the approval of same-sex marriage are on the rise in the U.S. However the cultural views have also affected the rate at which the government adopts such laws. The cultural and religious beliefs influence the policies and the laws regarding same-sex marriage. While most cultural beliefs view marriage as an act that involves two people of the opposite sex. Most of the U.S community continue to understand the need to have same-sex marriage protected. The cultural beliefs influence the opinions of people, thus conflicting with a constitutional amendment aimed at legalizing the same-sex union.

The context of family reproductive is highly regarded in both cultural and religious views. Therefore,  working toward reducing negative behavioral shifts has also influenced the rate of adoption of same-sex marriage. It has tried to oppose legal steps toward legalizing the marriage. Thus diverse cultural beliefs with the context of different cultural beliefs that link the families

While acknowledging the cultural shifts and attitudes  relating to gay and lesbian issues, The other tend  of cultural values have reduced the perception and moral issue regarding sexuality

On the other hand, religion has had different views regarding same-sex marriage. It has opposed debates both in favor and those opposing based on the religious grounds. Some Buddhist have supported the move while others still oppose. However, most of the religious groups in the US support same-sex marriage. Some sex marriage has grown among the religious groups. It still receives major criticism among the African -American communities.

California is one of the states that has passed policies in favor of same-sex marriage. The proposition 8 amendment provides similar protection to same-sex couples. Therefore, many courts are following similar suit. On the contrary, such decisions are not subject to the US constitutional provisions

Religion provides dynamic perspectives regarding same-sex marriage. Most of the opinions regarding same-sex marriage are more inclined to religious teachings than personal views. The critics on same, sex marriage thus affect the significant laws passed regarding the issue. For example, the California proposition 8 faced controversial opinions from the Catholic believers. The team focused on outlining the moral aspect surrounding the move and the need to safeguard marriage of the opposite sex.

Based on scientific knowledge, it is impossible for same-sex marriages to procreate. As a result, the law should further define instances that the couples should get the children. Adoption is one of the areas whose policy should be well defined for the cases where gay marriage should take place.


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