Scaffolding instructional support

Scaffolding instructional support

The teaching of learners, especially in entry and lower levels, requires a teacher to design strategies that will accommodate the diversity of learners’ needs. Some of the learners may have learning deficiencies that need special attention that is more demanding than just completing the syllabus. Scaffolding strategies aid teachers in delivering quality service to learners in terms of understanding concepts as well as establishing appropriate foundations for learner's subsequent learning activities in next levels. Learning new content, theoretical aspects and unfamiliar language may be challenging for the learners. Scaffolding makes learning easy and enjoyable by the learners through the provision of instructional learning aids that aids in the easy interpretation of concepts as well as idea retention.

Utilized Scaffolding instructional support

As a mathematics and science teacher, I have encountered a number of students with diverse learning needs in my teaching profession. I have always developed a number of scaffolding strategies to ensure that all learner needs are accommodated and learner satisfaction achieved.

Use of Visual Aids

Graphical representation of ideas and concepts by use of charts and pictures has been reported to aid in memory retention and enhanced understanding of concepts. The graphical organizations are specific and help the young learners to have a visual representation of ideas, organize information and have a quick grasp of concepts (Yousuf & Conlan, 2018, p.314). Through the graphical representations, I have guided my learners in how to organize their written information as well as the best way of the sequencing of activities involving mathematical operations.

Similarly, I have used the visual aids in my science lessons in drawing pictures involving body structure of human and animals, parts of a plant as well as simple tools and objects found at home among other drawings. Using the diagrams drawn, I have always developed an interactive lesson by giving the learners an opportunity to illustrate the concept we are learning based on the

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