Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application


My name is Chi Luu, and I am a sophomore at Lone star college. I am passionate about medicine, especially radiology.

I love interacting and working with different people every day, helping them; I consider it my calling to help to cure people in my country. I spend my free time learning about the subject, and I also try to do non-profit activity in the field, visiting patients with diseases in a local hospital.

I am from Vietnam, but I have been living in the US for the past five years with my mom. My dad is still in Vietnam, but I hope that he joins us soon. They are both above 63 years, and I feel it is not safe for them being apart. I have been struggling to pay my school fees because I have little money and my parents are laborers, who cannot support my studies. Also providing for our big family has been tough especially with all of these financial problems. I want to live with all my family, bring dad and my two sisters to the US and live as one big happy family. I want to graduate and follow my career dreams of becoming an X-ray tech and later on concentrate on CT scan or MRI tech. I also want to get associate at Lone star college or may transfer to Md Anderson Cancer Center because I feel that is the place, I will exploit my talents.However, I am not able to make it on my own, and that is the reason why I am here, applying for the scholarship.

I have been volunteering with the Center for Diagnostic Imaging Clinic for a year. Most recently I received CY-Fair PBK architects Endowment Scholarship last year. I was in charge of an art club which delivered the winning project in school last years. It has been a great learning experience with the healthcare system at the Center for Diagnostic Imaging Clinic, and I feel I am ready to spread my wings and become a profession X-ray tech. That is the reason I am interested in applying for the scholarship.

What Field of Specialization or Major?

I want to specialize in radiology because I want to be an X-ray tech in Vietnam. I am passionate about helping others in my country. I want to make an impact by touching their lives through healing.For the months I have volunteered at the Center, I have received consistent commendations for my performance in carrying out ultra-sound activities and imaging. I was also chosen to be part of a team carrying out a surgery; it was a great honor

Why? What influenced you in selecting it and what goals have you set for the future?

I have chosen to major in radiography because of three main reasons; a desire to help others especially people living in Vietnam. Ever since the long war period, my country experienced in the 1970s; radiology has not been doing well compared to other countries. By 2000, approximately 5% of the medical practitioners were radiologists. There is the poor establishment of radiology speciation in my country because it lacks competent personnel and also the lack of highly technical equipment. I want to get a radiology program to help the people in Vietnam with no access to a radiologist. Another reason is the desire to learn and be challenged as an individual and as a medical practitioner. It is also the most appealing career for me as it is a respected profession of helping people remain healthy.

Volunteering in healthcare part-time has dramatically influenced my choice in the major. Through my experiences volunteering with the Center for Diagnostic Imaging Clinic in my area, I have developed a keen interest in the medical field, precisely as an x-ray tech.I have had the opportunity to observe different diffusion tensor imaging, computerized tomography procedures, magnetic resonance imagining and ultrasound. These experiences were fascinating and gave me a realization and appreciation for becoming an x-ray tech. The challenges that I experience while working, I believe through this scholarship i will have the opportunity to learn and grow in the profession. I desire to become an x-ray tech in Vietnam, share and solve the challenges of the modern healthcare team with the others.

My ultimate goals are to work as an X-ray tech and help others. With this scholarship and the need-based grants that have been receiving, I can complete my education and, in the future, help my community. Once I become an X-ray Tech, I will have the ability and responsibility to help improve the well-being and health of the people in my neighborhood with no access to quality healthcare.Besides, assisting other people in living healthy lives, I will help my family recover its financial freedom and take my siblings to school. A radiologic technologist has a competitive wage and has excellent benefits. It is a promising occupation.

Random topic: what makes you stand out from every other scholarship applicant?

I believe through volunteering at Center for Diagnostic Imaging Clinic I have witnessed what the radiography career field entails through first-hand information. I have learned what experiences to expect as a radiologist. Moreover, I have highly developed a passion for helping others; my communication and patient care skills have improved. I would be honored to have this radiography scholarship to enhance my experiences. I come from a poor community, and my wish is to improve their health and well-being by serving them in this field.  I appreciate your consideration, and I hope that through your support you can help me pursue a profession in radiography. Helping people is my passion, and I have a plan to turn it into a lifelong career and give back to society.

I believe I deserve this scholarship opportunity because I am a hard working person. Over the last years, I have helped the clinic deliver great health to the people. I will use the same energy and mindset of helping others to obtain my radiology degree with a focus in X-ray tech.

Growing up in a small town in Vietnam before moving to the US, the closest hospital was an hour ago. There were few doctors, and because of the scarcity, they highly charged the town people. My dad who has been sick for over twenty years relied on home remedies to treat any ailment that he developed, and that is how I gained a passion for medicine. I believe with my degree I will help people like my father and support my family.

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