SCI 228 Week 5 Quiz: Version 2

Question 1: (CO 5) Which of the following are … components of antioxidant enzyme systems?

Question 2: (CO 5) The gaining of electrons by an atom during metabolism is called

Question 3: (CO 5) Which of the following food preparation methods would be the least likely to destroy Vitamin E?

Question 4: (CO 5) Diseases that cause the malabsorption of fat can result in a deficiency of

Question 5: (CO 5) Which of the following are rich sources of Vitamin C?

Question 6: (CO 5) Which of the following is not … an essential nutrient?

Question 7: (CO 5) At what stage in the development of cancer is the DNA mutated?

Question 8: (CO 5) Where do humans obtain Vitamin D?

Question 9: (CO 5) The first B-complex vitamin discovered was

Question 10: (CO 5) The neural tube is … by the _____ week of pregnancy