SCI 228 Week 7 Quiz: Version 2

Question 1: (CO 7) Inadequate intakes of during pregnancy are … with neural tube defects in the fetus.

Question 2: (CO 7) In which trimester of pregnancy is the fetus the most vulnerable to teratogens?

Question 3: (CO 7) At what point during pregnancy is adequate folate the most important?

Question 4: (CO 7) Which statement is false regarding zinc during pregnancy?

Question 5: (CO 7) Which of the following hormones is responsible for breast milk synthesis?

Question 6: (CO 7) The development of the____is particularly dependent on adequate consumption of fat during the toddler years.

Question 7: (CO 7) The most common nutrient deficiency in young children is … by inadequate consumption

Question 8: (CO 7) Which of the following correctly describes milk displacement?

Question 9: (CO 7) All of the following are characteristic of adolescent eating habits except

Question 10: (CO 7) ____are the leading cause of death among high school youths.