SCI 228 Week 7 Quiz: Version 1

Question 1: (CO 7) The inner portion of the zygote that implants in the uterine lining is called the

Question 2: (CO 7) Recommended weight gain during pregnancy is … on the

Question 3: (CO 7) Which of the following fatty acids is critical to fetal brain and eye development?

Question 4: (CO 7) The absorption of calcium increases during pregnancy because

Question 5: (CO 7) All of the following are … with gestational diabetes except

Question 6: (CO 7) It is best if the first solid food introduced to infants is

Question 7: (CO 7) Obesity in children is … as

Question 8: (CO 7) Growth acceleration in adolescence is primarily driven by

Question 9: (CO 7) One should avoid consuming excess Vitamin E when taking the medication

Question 10: (CO 7) All of the following can contribute to chronic dehydration in elderly individuals except