Security in Organizations

  1. Although commonalities exist, numerous unique hazards threaten specific types of industries and organizations. Identify one unique security-related issue in each of the major sectors reviewed in this chapter.

The utility sector has faced human-made and natural threats. The presence of security guards in the hotel can create the impression that the facility is not safe and, thus, driving guests away. Floating hotels and cruise ships face the security hazard when operating in narrow, steep stairwells and passageways. The retail sector faces the issue of inventory shrinkage. There is also the matter of payment fraud which leads to fear among the potential and existing clients.

  1. Choose one specific security application from this chapter. List the types of crime and other hazards that threaten the operation and design measures to prevent the threats from materializing.

SCADA is an application that is used to troubleshoot problems in a company's operations and prevent hazards from occurring. However, this system is faced with the risk of cyber attacks which can cause the system to misdiagnose problems in an institution leading to break down of institutional operation. This can be prevented by the use of choke points, network segmentation, and planned redundancy.

  1. What are some fundamental security issues for financial institution

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