Security Related Questions

  1. How should protection allocation be allocated in an organization

The threat of losses in a company can come from both external motivation and internal factors. It is, therefore, prudent that a firm analyzes the danger from its unique perspective to understand where it is more likely to lose from and allocate more resources to it to mitigate any potential damages.

  1. Common threats to residential security and how they can be managed

Homes are vulnerable to natural threats such as wind, fire, and water among other natural means. Risks from these natural sources can often or at times be managed by risk transfer activities such as taking insurance covers on such threats while, in other cases, homeowners can manage the threats by modifying the environment in which they reside in.

  1. Unique characteristics of the utility industry and its impacts on security

One of the unique feature of this industry is that it is a privately-owned company providing services to the public, a

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