1. Define security in respect to private and public security

Security is the freedom or the resilience against a particular form of harm which might be caused by others. Those who benefit from security include objects, institutions, and persons. Public safety is provided by agencies such as the police and the sheriff while private one is offered to individuals in exchange for a certain fee. In every society, security needs to be upheld in the best ways possible to ensure that income-generating activities are continued smoothly. Most importantly, security is a crucial aspect of economic development and growth.

  1. Explain two theoretical explanations as to why we need security

When people face danger in their lives, security is necessary for their protection to ensure that the imminent threat is eradicated. There is also the situation whereby one will need to protect their property from external forces that may want to steal them. The law also lays down a procedure that can be used to protect one's property, and anyone who goes against it would be punished heavily.

  1. Identify the two main types of security and explain why they are essential.

The two main types of security are public and private security. These two forms of protection are essential since public security is offered to ensure the safety and the wellbeing of the general public while private security, on the other hand, is hired by individuals to enhance the security of their property.

  1. What are the three elements of security?

Security is made up of three elements which are the people, the processes and the technology. Such features tend to relate to each other in various ways.

  1. Identify and discuss two threats to personal security within a residence.

One of the significant threats to personal security in residence is sexual assault where strangers may attack one. Another danger is burglary where one may break into another person’s property and harm the owner as they rob them of their property.

  1. Discuss the nature and importance of unintentional threats against an organizati

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