Servant Leadership in Education

Servant Leadership in Education

The issue addressed

In the current education system, confidence is essential for teachers to motivate and influence their students. The job market has become competitive such that organizations require competent candidates as their employees. School prepares the students for their future roles, therefore now use servant leadership as their strategy to enhance the quality of education. The institutions also incorporate servant leadership in subjects as a curriculum to teach in classrooms and grant their students with a Master's Degree in Servant leadership. Being a servant leader means that the person is in a selfless position and power or opinion does not concern them. However, they are focused on serving people in their organization and enable them to realize their personal goals as well as the overall organizational goal. The schools have a unique role of preparing students to become competent in their professional areas in future thus there is need to look into how the schools incorporate the element of servant leadership to educate the students, as well as the staff and administration, is the role models that students and their parents can emulate.

The purpose of the study

Leadership role in an organization entails more than just giving directions and supervisory work. It goes beyond that and to the need to keep employees motivates which translates to increased performance thus success for the organization. There has been an increasing need for individuals to set aside their self-interest and look out for others to facilitate development. While leaders generate trust among their followers, they also need to practice their management role but ensure that they do not violate the moral principles. For instance, in the education system, students view their teachers as leaders, and they have specific expectations that they strive to borrow from their teachers. The kinds of relationships they form with their teachers also encourage them to improve on their academic performance. The study is therefore important since it highlights some of the characteristics and attributes of a servant leader that is of significant value not only to the students but also the success of the specific learning institution.

The study is also of importance as it addresses how institutions like universities incorporate the aspect of servant leadership not only in academic but also into the community services programs as they seek to be role model to the society thus use servant leadership as one of the ways for enhancing corporate social responsibilities. The study is also essential as it provides the learning institutions with great opportunities for teachers to apply servant leadership in classrooms to alter th

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