Service quality and Technology service for your business

Service quality and Technology service for your business

Topic 1: Service Quality

When an individual is assessing the quality of the services provides the one thing that plays a critical role is the perception (Kossmann, 2006). The needs of the customers affect what they expect from the company while their experiences with the company have an impact on how they perceive the services rendered by the company. Gaps in the perception of quality occur in situations when the expectation of the customer and quality of the services do not match (Kossmann, 2006). If I could recall, in the past few years, I encountered unsatisfactory service from my cable internet provider.

The negative gaps between my expectations and the actual service they provided were on the reliability and responsiveness of the cable internet providers. With reliability as the dimension of service quality, my service providers were unable to perform the promised service dependently and accurately. The company promised to deliver me with a high-speed internet and resolve problems related to the connections immediately. However, none of the promised services were rendered on time. The internet speed was slower, and the company could take days to respond to my problems. Similarly, with responsiveness, the company was to help me with prompt services that included attending to my requests and complaints, but none was accomplished.

The negative experience with my previous cable internet provider forced me to search for an alternative internet service provider. The new company provided me with reliable services that included meeting my expectations of high-speed internet at affordable price. The new service provider was responsive; thus, it prioritizes customer’s complaints, problems, and questions.



Topic 2: Technology service for your business

In situations when a start-up business has only one person on call for service issues, the outcome might include the following. First, customers would be dissatisfied with the services provided. It would be difficult for the company to respond to questions, complaints and problems from the customers because of traffic congestions and this would dissatisfy the customers. Second, the company will lose customers. Since the business is new, customers might experience problems with the product, but they could not access the service provider. This will make them lose faith in the company and go to alternative stores.

The start-up business can use the social media platform to turn a negative product launch into a positive experience in the following ways. First, the business can learn from the customers’ feedbacks. The company can open Facebook Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram accounts and post business information. Consumers will comment on the business pages to voice their pleasure or displeasure about the services offered by the company. Therefore, social media listening would be effective since it will allow the company to determine and understand the views of the customers (Fuchs, & Lardi, 2013). Second, the company can use social media to build a stronger customer relationship. Customers use the social media to voice their complaints. The company can use the feedbacks from the customers to keep them happy by implementing their suggestions. Third, it is important for the company to build a positive reputation. Information is shared over the internet at a faster rate, and reputation management is a manager concern for most businesses. The social media allows the company to stay updated on the negative perception regarding the services offered (Fuchs, & Lardi, 2013). Therefore, through the social media platform, the company can address customers’ concerns promptly hence minimizing the negative perception.



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