Slavery in the World Today


Slavery was common in the nineteenth century and earlier during the colonization era. The form of slavery during that time involved working in farms without pay or adequate provision of basic needs such as food and shelter. It is shocking to realize that slavery is still practiced in contemporary society. However, modern-day slavery may be difficult to detect because it happens in other forms and perspectives that are different from the typical 18th century and earlier slavery. In this way, it becomes difficult for even the victims to realize that they are enslaved. The "End Slavery Now" organization lists various forms of slavery today to include domestic servitude, sex trafficking, forced labor, bonded labor, child labor, and forced marriage. According to Gold (3), there are about 35.8 million slaves in the world today. This figure is slightly higher than that cited by “End Slavery Now," which is approximated at 20.9 million. The figure is alarming regardless of the disparity, which calls the need for awareness and intervention. The parts of the world most affected are

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