Smoking during Pregnancy

Literature Review


Cases of women smoking during pregnancy have been rampant in the last few years. Health practitioners have warned pregnant women to desist from this vice arguing that the vice is associated with undesirable health complications including infant mortality, premature delivery, and congenital disabilities. In most instances, individuals tend to associate smoking with cancer and heart-related diseases while ignoring the severe effects that the vice has on pregnant women (Reynolds, 2010). Moreover, women who smoke cigarettes during their pregnancy also pose other health-related complications to their infant babies. The risks include abnormal infant weight during birth, increased cases of the baby being sick, and the sudden death syndrome (SIDS) (Ben natan).

It is therefore significant for health experts to help the society at large to address this issue to ensure quality living for pregnant women during the pregnancy period. According to health statistics, cases of miscarriage are more common among women who smoke as compared to non-smoking women. This study is aimed at reviewing the previously conducted research on smoking during pregnancy, analyzing and comparing the research questions, comparing the sample population that were affected  by the vice in the previous studies, identifying the limitations of those studies and finally recommending the gaps that needs to be addressed in

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