Social inequality


Many television shows and films produced in different parts of the world represent the inequality and discrimination of minority groups.

The films and television shows portray certain groups in society to have the characteristic that is undesirable, and no one wants to associate with them.

A television program represents a particular culture of the actors and represents specific themes and culture of a particular society. Among the films that have represented the social inequality is a film named “method and red.

The film is produced to show how the lives of hip hop musicians are like on a daily basis and the activities that they engage in. The main theme of the film is to show the difference in social class of the hip-hop musicians were compared to the life of other people in society.

The “Methods and red” was produced in 2004; it’s a classic example of the inequality that exists in American society set up. American society comprises of people from different social backgrounds that come from different parts of the world; hence they have a cultural difference.

The theme of the film

Themes on the film that represent social inequality

Among the social disparities that exist in the film is the disparity among different genders leading to unequal treatment.

The inequality in gender appears on the roles and characters that display women as a weaker gender in the society. Also, sexism is part where the women are portrayed as sexual tools to be used by men in making them happy.

The other social inequality on the film is the inequality among different social groups between the rich and the poor. The characters in the film are artists; therefore they want to live in a manner that will make them look rich.

The other inequality that is shown in the film is economic inequality, different characters of the film have different economic backgrounds in terms of the neighborhoods that they live and the vehicles they drive.



Among the inequality that is portrayed in the film is the sexism of women in the film. The film depicts that women are to be used by men in society.

American society has a culture of respecting women for whom they are and not men using men to satisfy their sexual desires. Sexism is an inequality throughout the film since women are not given the opportunity to show their talents.

One of the scenes that portray women to be sexism is when Keith Debeetham was portrayed to be a soft person; hence men could show their desires to have a sexual relationship with her.

The women in the film wear clothes that are not decent since they show the majority of the body parts while men wear clothes that are decent. The clothes that the women dress in the film are meant to display women as sexual tools to be used by menwhenever they want.

Such incidents represent an example where there is inequality between man and women in society making women to be mistreated by society.

Part two

The facial expression of the people that come from poor backgrounds is looked in a manner that indicates they are unequal in society.This can be concluded based on the visual expressions of the various characters within the film.

The inequality is seen to be against people from poor backgrounds; the discrimination usually people coming from poor backgrounds are perceived to be unequal from the people in all up families.

The other inequality on the film includes economic inequality where the people from neighborhoods that not well developed are looked down upon while the ones from upmarket neighborhoods areseen to be superior.

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