Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an interesting concept with applications cross multinational companies. Indeed, the success of social media in marketing strategies has led to an increase in the number of companies that embrace the concept today. Martell Home Builders is one such case which started with blogging and content creation strategy in their focus on homebuyers’ needs. Initially, the company relied on realtors to maintain the sustainability of their business. However, embracing social media resulted in the creation of a direct contact model in which case they eliminated the middlemen in their business strategy (Paquette, 2013). The use of email subscriptions is key in grabbing the needed customer attention while encouraging useful interactions. In addition, the company uses geolocation technology to notify homebuilders of the locations of their contractors in time.

In the online market is another company, Zappos, with a similar interdependence on social media marketing. Their business of selling clothing, accessories and shoes online pushes the company to emphasize on creating real relationships with their clients. For instance, their page has a Facebook custom welcome tab with a catch saying that attracts customers. Their potential customers are treated specially though the saying ‘let’s be in a like-Like relationship”. Their strategy of asking for a simple like from clients before requesting that they join their email list is useful in building strong customer relationships (Neti, 2011). The success of these two companies in social media marketing provides NGV with potential to excel in the same field. Indeed, NGV can focus on social media marketing with an emphasis on friendlier customer service where social media is used in the collection of feedback. In addition, the organization should have a custom page where customers fill their details to be emailed offers and interesting stuff based on their interests during the visits.


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