Social Theory Understanding of Human Life

Social Theory Understanding of Human Life

According to the general understanding, human beings are making their lives better by applying different aspects of knowledge. Significantly, aspects of life that are meant to make it easier and enjoyable such as modes of communication and modern means of transport have been developed and advanced. Notably, humans use their brains or knowledge to make themselves and their environment better. Contrastingly, earlier lives are seen to be primitive compared to the modern. Even though, the concept of human beings using their ability and inability to determine their better lives seems widely accepted, it should be noted that this aspect of life has as well been challenged by early philosophers such as Socrates and Plato. The two philosophers believed that human lives are composed of the body and the soul and it remains unchanged. On the same note, there are philosophers like Rousseau who believed that human life is characterized with perfection and hence keeps changing. The paper presents a social theory understanding comparing and contrasting the beliefs of Socrates and Rousseau regarding the concept of human life.

According to Socrates, human senses do not grasp reality. In his argument, Rousseau focused on the body and not the soul. As argued by Burton (2015), Socrates who had spent his entire life researching about truth realized that the body had nothing to do with the attainment of knowledge. On this respect, there was no way human beings can gain knowledge that could be used to better themselves as stated by Rousseau.

Socrates went further to state that the human body is concerned only with pleasures for example food, material acquisitions, drink and wealth. Burton (2015) stated that Socrates believed that the body was in itself an impediment to knowledge search and therefore cannot give an accurate account of something. Again, people will never see or hear the same thing in a similar way, and consequently, sensory

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