Sociology Related

Question 1

According to the speaker,there aredifferent definitions of cultural lives as an ethnosphere. It is described as a symbol of human beingdiversity, and, thus,featuresthoughts, inspirations, ideas, intuitions, and dreams. It illustrateshuman beings as being intuitive species, and,consequently, creates the difference betweentheir actions and animals. The speaker assertsthat there are over 6, 000 languages in the globe thatserve as a flash of human spirit. Nonetheless, according to the speaker, just like the erosion of the biosphere; there have been negative impacts on the ethnosphere.

Question 2

The speaker focuses on the diversity of different groups in the globe. He notes thatethnosphere is highly divisive and oppose the use of cultural relativism where there is an evaluation of other groups on the basis of one’s values or traditions. Such a move is limiting and may lead to the discrimination of other groups.

Question 3

In the 1980s, the speaker explains that he had a research assignment that sought to explore the way of life ofsecretsocieties in Haiti. He admits that the assignment required him to have an understanding of Vodoun;whichserves as a complex metaphysical view as opposed to being a magic spell.


Question 4

There is the assumption that zombification entails a magic spell, and, thus, may have significant impacts on the Haiti culture. However,  this approach is limiting as zombification involves having a broad metaphysical view. It implies that there is a connection between the dead and the living.

Question 5

Yes, I believe in Zombies; however, now I understand that it is not a magical spell but a complex metaphysical view.


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