Socrates is a renowned ancient Greece thinker and offers teachings on ethics, morals, and laws.  "Learn yourself” serves as Socrates’ motto and make reference to both consciousness and knowledge. Socratic teachings point the link between human behaviors and self-consciousness (Stokes and Michael, 80).  Moral qualities and intellectual capabilities are major factors that dictate the relationships among individuals.  Through his contributions to psychotherapy, it is possible to understand the functioning of the mind and its connection to the natural world.

The dialogic -dialectic method in Socratic teaching infer that personal freedom contributes to a quality way of life.  On the other hand, Socrates ethical dilemma offers a basis of coming up with moral and legal codes that uphold citizen's rights and interests. As a citizen, Socrates notes that there is a duty to support laws as opposed to undermining the statutory provisions.  Nonetheless, Socrates compares the relations between law and state to children and parents. Laws and States are unequal thus indicating that the state

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