SOCS 185 Week 6 Quiz


Week 6 quiz is based on 20 questions. Multiple choice answer would be provided in which respondents are asked to select only one correct answer from the given list of answers. This test is similarly to the quizzes which have been taken in previous weeks.


1 (TCO 8) Back in 1900, it was common in the United States to consider people of these ancestries as “nonwhite.”
2 (TCO 8) People define themselves—or others—as members of an ethnic category based on which three characteristics?
3 (TCO 6) The unequal treatment of various categories of people is known as
4 (TCO 5) Scapegoat theory states that prejudice is created by
5 (TCO 8) Which concept refers to attitudes and activities that a society links to people of each sex?
6 (TCO 8) _____ refers to social organization in which males dominate females.
7 (TCO 8) According to intersection theory, _____ is a source of social disadvantage.
8 (TCO 8) Which type of feminism seeks to end patriarchy by eliminating the idea of gender itself?
9 (TCO 7) The functions of schooling include all of the following EXCEPT
10 (TCO 3) _____ and _____ theories explain that families perpetuate social inequality in U.S. society through inheritance of private property, encouraging patriarchy, and passing on racial and ethnic inequality.
11 (TCO 3) What is the term for the study of the distribution of health and disease in a society’s population?
12 (TCO 7) Marriage that unites three or more people is called _____, while marriage that joins one female with more than one male is called _____.
13 (TCO 7) What is the term for the fusion of Christian principles with political activism often Marxist in character?
14 (TCO 7) According to Max Weber’s analysis of Protestantism and the rise of capitalism, which of the following statements is TRUE?
15 (TCO 3) Charter schools are
16 (TCO 3) In his structural-functional analysis, Talcott Parsons claimed that society responds to illness by
17 (TCO 5) Capitalism is an economic system in which
18 (TCO 5) In a socialist economic system, justice amounts to
19 (TCO 5) As described by C. Wright Mills, the power elite model of the U.S. political system suggests that
20 (TCO 5) In Max Weber’s view, monarchy claims legitimacy based on