Solving the Obesity Problem: YMCA SF Agency

Solving the Obesity Problem: YMCA SF Agency

The Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) is a Global Christian organization headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. The charitable agency was founded in 1844 by a team of three young men led by Sir George Williams (YMCA, n.d.). At its inception, the organization aimed to promote healthy living. Accordingly, YMCA SF’s mission is "to build strong children, families, and communities by enriching the lives of people."

Notably, YMCA SF’s history demonstrates a series of transformations and developments. In the United States, for instance, YMCA SF first appeared in 1851 as a small firm based in Boston, Massachusetts. At the time, the Company mainly focused on “Christians” as its major clients. However, as the group transformed its operations, the agency’s customer-base has widened to include non-Christians as well (YMCA, n.d.). This development has seen YMCA SF attracting more than 64 million beneficiaries, making it one of the largest free-will non-governmental organizations globally.

Moreover, YMCA SF owns several resources with which it supports its clien

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