Sonny’s Blues


For one to understand a story, he or she must have the capacity to conduct a basic analysis of its technical aspects. It is especially the case for a story like “Sonny’s Blues.” The narrative is a story of discovery told through the eyes of an interested observer. The author plumbs the depths of humanity to weave a tale of two brothers who could not have been more different. The paper shall focus on the plot which forces the reader to make an emotional investment and highlights the narration which is clear and emotional at the same time. It shall also explain how the author's point of view affects the story itself. The unique narration and use of another party's point of view allow the reader to participate in Sonny's development actively.


What one immediately notices is that the narration is by no means passive. The narrator is an active part of the protagonist's life from the beginning to the end. The insertion of the narrator into the main character's active life makes sure that the reader is intimately engaged in every important detail. It allows the narrator to give a first-hand account of the protagonist's past and present life thus creating a deeper understanding of the outstanding theme. The audience is better able to understand the characters since the narration is active and engaging.

The narrator also moves the story along since he is part of the narrative itself. A narrative should move at a brisk pace without papering over specific issues. Therefor

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